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Dear ladies and gentlemen, the most convenient and economical way to get a visa to Russia is to order now Online.

  • I) Necessary documents for the visa

    1) Valid Passport (Click "more" and please see the rules.) more...
    2) 1 Official color passport photo (3,5 х 4,5 cm)
    3) Travel Insurance valid in Russia more...
    4) Application form filled out through: https://visa.kdmid.ru
    5) Receipt of payment for your visa order (You get your VIS- order number on step 4 during your order on this site.) more...
    6) If you are born in Russia or former USSR, the Certificate "Spravka o vyhode iz grazhdanstva".
    Or a detailed hand- written note with your signature and date containing your last full postal address in Russia/ USSR as well as when and where to you have immigtated. more...

  • II) How to get a visa to Russia?

    1) Make an online order on this site
    OR send an e- mail to dm@danhil.com. Please notice that the processing time according to a price stated on this site begins from the moment when all the documents are 100% ready for application and your order is paid. The processing starts the following working day.
    2) On step no. 5 payment can be made online by Dankort.
    3) In case of bank transfer please send the bank's payment confirmation by e- mail incl. your VIS- number (that you have received on step 4), date of payment and the amount.
    4) Prepare your Travel Insurance confirmation: your name, Russia or the Whole World, period of validity = period of visa validity!
    5) 1 color Official Passport photo (ATT! The photo must not be older than 6 months)
    6) Send an e- mail to dm@danhil.com with your VIS- number.
    7) We guide you through the Application form https://visa.kdmid.ru!  

  • III) How to avoid any mistakes (from the side of the post) in delivering of the documents

    If 48 hours (2 working days) after sending your documents you have not received a confirmation from us,
    Please e- mail your VIS- order number and the number of the registered letter! We have to be sure that there was no mistake from the side of the post or from your side.

    If 24 hours (1 working day) after sending the e- mail you have not received an answer from us,
    Please call 33932134 and state your VIS- number and your payment details (date, amount.)

    Att.!! If You do not answer e- mail messages from us within 24 hours, and your phone is set to an answering machine
    we bear no responsibility for processing of your order on time!

    You simply fill in the fields and we prepare the form for you!

Thank you,

Sincerely Yours,
Danhil Travel ApS.


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