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2635 Ishøj, Danmark

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Dear customer,

Danhil Travel specializes in invitation to Russia and visa application, as well as registration.

In case you need a consultation, a business contact or practical information regarding your trip to Russia, you have come to the right place.

Since 1994 Danhil Travel is offering individual and qualified help with all legal requirements in line, in processing your visa application and registration in Russia.

We can assist you in overcoming your challenge, and will willingly draw on our professional contacts both in Russia and in Denmark to save you and your Russian contacts time and money!

Moreover you can get your documents translated, or your Russian text's grammar checked by Danhil Travel's subdivision: Danhil Translate

We look forward to meeting you!

Sincerely yours,

Maria Derentchenko


Danhil Travel ApS.

Tel: (+45) 533 77 495; (+45) 33932134; (+45) 28109475
E-mail: dm@danhil.com

Gildbrovej 41, 3rd floor, apt. no. 321
DK- 2635 Ishoej

CVR no. 19 50 69 91

We have earlier been situated in the building of Ejendommen Buen