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Since 1994 Danhil Travel offers individual and qualified help regarding invitation, visa application and accommodation in Russia. You are free from paperwork and can enjoy Your stay in Russia.

The employees have higher education degrees, and we know only one person in Copenhagen who has been dealing with visa applications longer than we have, this person is now retired. The process of your application and registration in Russia is handled quickly and professionally at Danhil Travel so that you and your Russian contacts save time! We comply with all legal requirements. Your safety is our responsibility!

We ask you for proof if you can obtain your visa at a more favourable price at another agency. We take pride in having the best prices on the market. In case you need help with booking a flight, there are Danish travel agencies that can help you with it.

Our website allows you to begin your trip sooner, and lowers the costs. You get answers to most of your questions regarding your trip to Russia.

In May 2005 magazine "Take-Off" (well-known in Scandinavia) has published a toplist of the most reliable travel agencies in Scandinavia.
We have taken the second place on that list!

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Danhil Travel ApS.

A member of Denmark's Travel Association

Tel: (+45) 33 93 21 34; (+45) 28 10 94 75; (+45) 533 77 495
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We are situated in the building of Ejendommen Buen