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Interpretation & translation

You have come to the right page should you need assistance in interpretation or written translation.

Below is the information regarding an application for a visa.

Our goal is to give you the best possible experience when applying for a visa! We also provide assistance with electronic visas.

Please fill out a visa form on the site by opening the tab VISA, or send an email to dm@danhil.com, and you will be contacted. Your request is not binding, you do not need to pay for it until you can confirm that the processing must start.

If you would like a personal meeting, please call us to agree on time and place.

Please be aware of the following document requirements:

  1. Original passport containing at least 2 whole blank pages, valid for at least 6 months after the visa expires; the passport must be in good condition with all pages whole, containing official marks only.
  2. One original colour passport photo with light or white background taken by a professional photographer in Denmark (or meeting the Danish standards) within the latest 6 months, 3,5 х 4,5 cm.
  3. Confirmation of your travel insurance valid in Russia (or the European part of Russia as long as you are travelling within that area) or the Whole World containing your surname and name as in your passport, the period of travel (= min. period of the visa validity in case of a single or double entry), your policy number.
  4. Citizens of Denmark residing on Faroe Islands or in Greenland must come to Copenhagen to give fingerprints; only children under 12 years of age are exempt (free) from the procedure of giving fingerprints upon visa application.
  5. In case You are formerly a Russian citizen you also need to send a copy of the "Certificate of the renouncement of citizenship" in Danish, Russian or English language.
  6. Please read all the paragraphs down here below on the page.

TRAVEL INSURANCE (order of) You can receive a link for ordering your travel insurance or you can entrust Danhil Travel with this task: you can choose between "Europæiske" or "Gouda".

PRICE POLICY PLEASE NOTE, handling time as according to the price list starts on the day of application; the documents must be prepared before it is possible to apply for a visa. It is not possible to get the total price of the visa refunded after the documents have been handed in to the Consulate or the Visa center. It is the Consulate who makes the decision ref. issuing a visa.

INQUIRY FOR VISA IN MAY-JUNE Beware of longer handling time in case of an inquiry in May and June. In urgent cases the service and the price will be agreed on separately. We encourage you to place your order for visa in advance!

PROTECTING PERSONAL DATA We treat your personal data in a confidential manner, we have always done so.

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Danhil Translate ApS.

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