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ERV Insurance


Dear ladies and gentlemen, we offer You the most convenient way to get a visa to Russia. If You find an easier way to get a visa please let us know.

Citizens of Denmark residing on Faroe Islands or in Greenland are exempt (free) from the procedure of giving fingerprints in Copenhagen upon their visa application, they are kindly asked to attach a copy of a letter from a local 'Borgerservice' confirming their registered address of residence on Faroe Islands or in Greenland. Children under 12 years of age are exempt (free) from giving fingerprints.

ATT! VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION ref. REGISTRATION procedure in RUSSIA upon arrival in the period 25.05.18- 25.07.18 :

"According to RF Presidential Decree No. 202 on Special Aspects of Taking Enhanced Security Measures during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in the Russian Federation: From 25th May 2018 to 25th July 2018, foreign nationals arriving in the cities of Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi, Yekaterinburg, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, Kaliningrad, Rostov-on-Don, Saransk and Samara during the 2018 FIFA World Cup must be registered at the place of temporary stay or constant residence within 24 hours of arrival, rather than within seven days of arrival, as usual. If a tourist does not have a registration form, in case of his stay on the territory of the Russian Federation for more than 24 hours, the Hotel has no right to make a check in procedure. In case there are several cities in the tourist's route, it is obligatory that each tourist does not forget to take his registration form back from the previous hotel." Please contact Danhil Travel to get help with the registration, or in case You have questions.

Danhil Travel has celebrated a 20-year anniversary in 2014, our goal is to give You the best possible experience when You apply for a visa to Russia.
Please fill out an order for visa under the tab "Business visa" or "Tourist visa" above and/ or send us an e- mail to dm@danhil.com. The order for visa is not binding, You do not need to pay for the order until You confirm that the visa application process must start.

You can order your travel insurance by pressing a logo of one of the insurance companies here to your left: please choose "Europæiske" or "Gouda".

There are three steps in the process of application for the type of visa that You need:

  1. Please fill out an order or fill out the necessary information here and send an e-mail to: dm@danhil.com, You will receive a correctly filled out application form!
  2. Please inform when You can come to give fingerprints for your visa application, we will confirm the time and the address to You by e-mail.
  3. Please be aware of these requirements:
    1. Original passport with at least 2 whole blank pages in it, the passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the visa expires; the passport must be in good condition, i.e. there must not be any torn out pages or such.
    2. 1 Original colour passport photo, light or white background taken by a professional photographer in Denmark (or elsewhere answering to the same requirements as in Denmark) within the latest 6 months, 3,5 х 4,5 cm exactly.
    3. Confirmation of Your Travel insurance valid in Russia (European part of Russia is also acceptable unless You are travelling past the Ural mountains) or the Whole World containing Your surname and name as in Your passport, the period of travel (= min. period of the visa validity in case of a single and double entry), Your policy number.
    4. We ask You kindly to confirm the payment of Your order before the visa is applied for.
    5. If You are a former Russian citizen, please send us a copy of the Certificate of the renouncement of citizenship in Russian or English pr. e- mail.

Please send us an e-mail and call in case You do not receive an answer from us within 1 working day, our tel. numbers are: office 33932134, mobile 53377495, 28109475.

Please note that it is not possible to get the visa price refunded after the documents have been handed in to the consulate or to the visa center. It is the consulate who make the decision about issuing the visa.

We thank you in advance!

With best regards,
Danhil Travel ApS.

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Danhil Travel ApS
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fax: (+45) 33 93 22 34 | dk@danhil.com